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Videohouse has 8 OB vans (OB14 - 10 - 8 - 7 and 4, one, two and HD02) that are taken
out day after day to cover festivals, sports events, concerts and entertainment programmes.


OB14 is our latest HD OBtruck that can accommodate up to 10 cameras.
Its layout and design provide a spacious and comfortable work area with the advantages
and the maneuverability of a regular truck. Unique in its kind,
because it is both technically and ergonomically well thought out.


OB10 and OB8 are amongst the most exquisite and biggest HD/SD vehicles in Europe.
Their sides can be easily opened to double the surface area of the work platform.
The setup inside is very clever and provides an optimal link and operation between the
various fields of work, such as control, audio, shading and tape operators.

Both OB vans can control up to 24 cameras. The sophisticated audio mixing tables and
very experienced audio mixers give real added value to the material.


OB7, an SNG vehicle, broadcasts your images to the world in HD or SD. It can be used
as a 4-camera control vehicle or can include a mobile AVID editing station.


Our OB vans are complemented by two flightcase control units: one for broadcasts and
one super compact control unit with remote cameras for smaller events.