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Euro Media Group
is a leading provider of broadcast and film facilities on the European market.
This group was founded in 2007 after a merger of the French Euro Media Télévision
and the Dutch UBF Media Group.

Euro Media Group offers creative and technical services to various customers,
such as European producers, broadcasting networks and companies.
They are all looking for the best technology and expertise.

We are currently active in Belgium (Videohouse), France (Euro Media Télévision, SFP, Tatou, VCF),
Germany (nobeo), the Netherlands (Cinevideogroup, United) and Great Britain (CTV).

From these branches we are able to supply a wide range of services,  
including broadcast trucks for outside usage, television and film stages,
electronic news-gathering (and through satellite), wireless connections,
video and audio post-production, playout services, webcasting, equipment rental,
the staging of sets and the integration of systems.

Within all of these disciplines, we have experts and employees available to create full and
professional productions  for our customers.

Our group offers customers effective, flexible and efficient services.
Our large range of facilities and professional know-how allows customers all over
Europe to enjoy our experience and technical support.

Thanks to our ongoing success we are able to invest in new technologies,
allowing us to always be one step ahead of the competition. 


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Videohouse is situated on a strategic location in Vilvoorde, near the ring-road of Brussels. 



+32 2 254 48 21